How do I get set up to participate?

    To begin participating, simply:

    • Sign up for Newport, Together by clicking on the "Sign In" button or the “Register” button in the top right of any page
    • Choose a username and password
    • Answer a few simple questions
    • You will receive an email to validate your email address
    • Return to the website and click the "Sign In" button

    Why do I need to Register?

    While registration is not required to access content on Newport, Together, it is necessary for many of the more interactive engagement opportunities. We ask you to register for a few reasons:

    • It helps to ensure that a broad set of perspectives are considered by attributing feedback and frequency of feedback to individuals.
    • It promotes accountability and encourages people to provide thoughtful responses because feedback can be attributed to them.
    • It means that we can keep you up to date on project progress and happenings.